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Breaking the Mould: Deakin University, the first twenty five years.

Breaking the Mould: Deakin University, the first twenty five years was written by Roy Hay, David Lowe and Don Gibb, with Bill Anderson, to mark Deakin's 25th anniversary. It was published by Deakin University in 2002. It covers Deakin’s formation and pioneering work in distance education The amalgamations with Warrnambool Institute of Advanced Education and Victoria College, and the formative 1990s with Deakin developing reputation in research and partnerships with industry, are also covered.

The forward was written by then Deakin Vice-Chancellor Professor Geoff Wilson.  It was a highly illustrated book accompanied by a CD-ROM. Deakin University Library also holds multiple print copies of this publication in its collection. Find a copy on the shelf now.

Currency Revival

Currency Revival was a special edition of Deakin's inaugural monthly magazine Currency. Published by Deakin University in 2007, it was created to celebrate the first 30 years of Deakin. Currency Revival explores Deakin's history in a wider context, comparing events with changes both over time and within Australian society.

The editorial team was created by Deakin's Marketing Division and included Deakin Honorary Fellow and historian Roy Hay.

A 29 page snapshot of Currency Revival is available here. To access the full, 100 page print version please contact Archives.